Superintendent's Corner

October 12, 2017

Despite the thermometer continuing to register summer temperatures, our school year is well under way and I am excited to report on the progress of our High School Pathway 360 Program.  

The planning for Pathway 360 Program began some 12 years ago with the goal of better preparing our students for their futures beyond high school.  What started as guest speakers in classrooms has grown into a comprehensive college and career readiness program in which a large majority of students participate in job shadows, mentorships and career expos.

Each high school student chooses from one of four Pathways which then serves as a guide to coursework and career-oriented experiences.  The four pathways include: Arts & Humanities, Health & Human Services, Industry & Engineering, and Business & Communication Technologies.  Among numerous other activities, the students attend career expos held at the school and led by career professionals currently employed in those fields.  Students are able to meet one-on-one with industry experts and ask questions about jobs that they may or may not have known existed.  

In addition to the expos, our students have opportunities to visit and volunteer at businesses and organizations, viewing day-to-day operations up close.  Cooperating with the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce we have been able to open doors that were previously closed to students.  In fact, the Indian Valley Chamber now acknowledges the importance of student mentorships and recognizes its members for participation in our program.  Additionally, our high school students are excited about the program and we recently had over two dozen students volunteer to be Pathway Ambassadors, leading and sharing the ideals of the program with their classmates and visitors to the school.  A newly formed STEM Post Club had over 80 female students in attendance at its first meeting.  This club has the sole purpose of exposing girls to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.  Also, for students interested in careers in the trades, the programs offered to our students who attend the North Montco Technical Career Center have never been better.

As Pathway 360 continues to grow, we are excited to begin orienting our middle school students to the program and even introduce some aspects of it to elementary students.  If your younger children come home and are asking questions about your job, this could be why.  We are always looking for new partners to help us build bridges between school and career.  If you would like more information or would like to be part of the Pathway 360 program, please contact Pathway 360 Director Matthew Haines at 215-723-2808 or  I thank you for your continued support of our excellent school district as we strive to prepare all students for success after high school. 


Frank Gallagher

Frank T. Gallagher
Superintendent of Schools