Tax Collector Information

Souderton Area School District
Tax Collectors
For Real Estate, Interim, and Per Capita

Franconia Township Tax Collector
For school real estate or per capita tax questions, please contact the Business Office at 215-723-6061.

Lower Salford Tax Collector
Mr. Doug Souder
106 Lori Lane
Harleysville, PA 19438
Phone 215.256.9858 Fax 215.513.4360

Salford Township Tax Collector
Mrs. Barb McMonagle
P.O. Box 55
Tylersport, PA 18971 
Phone 215.257.1436
Fax 215.257.1436 (please call first 267.664.1275)

Souderton Borough Tax Collector
Mr. Don Bergey
31 W. Summit St.
PO Box 64024
Souderton, PA 18964
Phone 215.207.1077 Fax 215.723.5569

Telford Borough Tax Collector
Mr. John Fenstermacher
53 N. Main St. 
Telford, PA 18969
Phone 215.723.1317 Fax 215.721.3098

Upper Salford Township Tax Collector
Mrs. Lori Smith
PO Box 85
Salford, PA 18957
Phone 610.287.0440 Fax 610.287.0440

Earned Income Tax Collector
Delinquent Per Capita Collector
Berkheimer Associates
50 N Seventh St.
Bangor, PA 18013-1795
Phone 610.588.0965 Fax 610.588.5765

Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collector
Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd.
PO Box 3020
Norristown, PA 19404
Phone 866.211.9466